“Christina is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth!”
~ Denise Linn, Founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching®

My experience with Christina was one of the most life changing events thus far on my spiritual journey.  Although this was my first reading, I am somewhat well versed in the process and expectations of opening the akashic records and this experience truly exceeded my expectations.  To begin, Christina was very professional, warm and loving making me feel very comfortable allowing her to lead me through this personal journey.  She was very clear and precise about the process and I knew exactly what to do and what to expect from her.  The most amazing part for me was the accuracy of her reading.  Christina is authentic and passionate about what she does and is going to give you exactly what she receives from your records.  The information given to me helped me to better understand the relationships in my life, it comfirmed my life’s purpose and the reason for the passions I feel and it gave me clear instructions on how to contact my spirit guides and angels. Since my reading, I feel a lot more confident in who and am and where my life is headed.  I know that the path I am on is exactly where I need to be and now I have the convenience of contacting my spirit guides and angels that are constantly working with me to aid in manifesting my dreams. This experience has also strengthened my relationships by allowing me to understand my soul’s connection to those individuals and their purpose in my life.  I am so excited about where this pivotal step on my path will take me and I am forever grateful for the love and new found connection to source energy that Christina has gifted me with. Thank you so much!!
 ~ Kyndran Hilton, South Carolina
I have had several readings from Christina and each time I have left feeling more energized, and with a clear sense of where to focus my growth and evolution.  She is a clear channel and her presentation of the information she receives is direct and concise.  I will definitely be back, this is healing for my soul.  ~ Melanie Kay,  Santa Cruz, California 

“With Christina’s Akashic reading, I came away feeling renewed, enlightened, full of hope and encouragement for my future. She certainly was correct in the assessment that she gave pertaining to my life and what actions to take. I am very grateful to Christina and will certainly use her incredible gift to help me in the future.”  ~ Bonnie Yon, Mt.Pleasant, SC

“Christina is a gifted researcher of and messenger for the Akashic Records. Her reading has made a permanent impact on my life. I have consciously internalized the messages in the reading regarding my life mission, my relationships and key personal behaviors. I find these messages whispering to me often, inspiring me toward personal growth and soulful integrity.”
~ Jeff Stoner, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Christina I want to thank you from the deepest place within my heart for the healing brought forth through the facilitation of my Soul Journey. Your soothing voice and direction created the perfect platform for me to transform an issue over 33 years old. This experience has forever transformed myself and my daughter in a profound way.
~ Tracy Houchins, Marriottsville, Maryland

“I have had Reiki done by Christina and thought she was amazing and I have continued with Reiki because of her. Christina has a very healing touch, I felt the energy and felt like a different person afterwards. I was truly very happy thank you Christina!!
~Lynn Downs, Davie, Florida

“Christina Sullivan has taken extensive training to learn how to access the Akashic records of your soul growth by viewing previous incarnations of your life that have had an impact on your current life journey. I found my reading to be a validation and a confirmation of who I am in this life and my purpose while here. Also, the reading provided some unexpected surprises that explained the ties I have to certain people and why I feel as I do toward them. I had a telephone reading with Christina and the experience felt personal and intimate. She was prepared and devoted her attention to me wholly, without reservation, answering questions and assisting me to process the stream of information. I walked away with a sense of peace and accomplishment, eager to continue to embrace the life I own today to the fullest. You must realize that the answers are already a part of you. Christina has been blessed with the ability to call forth what you have forgotten. Together, you can focus on the divine blueprint of your soul. Life is not a test. It is the real deal, so don’t waste a minute of your time here in this world.If you desire clarity and harmony in this moment, here and now, I do recommend a reading with Christina Sullivan. You won’t regret it.”
~ Laurie Lacour Bolanos, Harahan, Louisiana

“As most use Reiki for help with emotions, sickness, or physical healing, I was one who gave a session a try “just because”. Not sure what to expect and admittedly a bit sceptical, I kept an open mind and hoped for the best. Christina was so helpful in explaining the process and gave interesting outline discriptions of what might happen during my session. Through her soft voice helping me relax and visualize a beautiful place, I was able to completely let go and receive what i can only describe as something immensely profound. I could actually “feel” the energy enter my body and fill me with love. My first experience was a loving visit with my mother who passed many years ago. This was something I will never forget. On my second session, I was wondering who might be visiting me. During the first 5 minutes or so, I didn’t necessarily feel as though anyone was coming to visit and decided this was probably a chance to just relax and enjoy the music. Then all of a sudden a HUGE light appeared, and a rush of love came to me. The only way I can describe this, was being drenched in a waterfall of love. I clearly visualized blooming flowers and doves in flight. To those who wonder about the validity of this process, please know, Christina is the real deal, she’s a loving vessel for anyone who is open to the process. My advice……… give Reiki a try with Christina and simply enjoy the wonder of how beautiful the world is and how much the universe loves us all.”
~ Michael Hengy, Charleston, SC

“I knew my life was missing something. I felt like that one member of the marching band that was out of step and all the double-skipping to get back into the rhythm of the march wasn’t working. So when the opportunity to commit to life counseling with Christina came up, I didn’t hesitate. Its been one of the most rewarding (and important) things I’ve ever done for myself. Christina provides a spiritual, emotional, and mental safe haven for me to explore and understand who I am, what I want and what I need. Her style of coaching is always engaging, supportive, and completely non-judgemental (which is a very freeing concept). Christina’s gentle guidance has helped me forge my path to self-discovery and a new awareness. I feel great. And because Christina takes her role very seriously, you never feel alone on this journey.”
~ Marie Farrugia, Charleston, SC

“I had an incredible reiki session with Christina My mind and spirit left very renewed and refreshed. If you have never tried reiki, think about it.”
~ Cameran Eubanks Wimberly, Charleston, SC

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